About Marturias



Facilitating perpetual & viral distribution of the testimony of Jesus Christ, acting as a catalyst for exalting God & empowering the fulfillment of the great commission.



What is Marturias?

•    A network centered on the testimony of Jesus Christ.

•    A directory of testimonies past & present.

•    An evidence of the Living God at work in billions of lives today.


Original inspiration & heart behind the project:

The actual inspiration for this website came about as the result of the working of God at Bethel Church in Redding, CA.  The primary teaching being that of the testimony and how God works through the prophetic anointing on the testimony to bring about more testimonies.  That is, that the testimony carries within it the power to quicken the faith of the hearers and the anointing to inspire action.  I am convinced that today’s new media technology has a greater purpose than being, merely, about me or what I’m doing at the moment.  Though these are important and can be leveraged to form meaningful relationships when used properly I believe the detriment comes when they are abused by a bored generation.  A generation who has not yet entered the great battle into which they were born but have themselves become casualties through apathy.  Often in the scriptures we are exhorted to “remember” the works of God.  As a matter of fact it is only when we forget His works do we, as Israel, stray.  This network is an effort to make God big in our minds.  He is the same, yesterday, today, forever. So we must remember to continually see Him this way.


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